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What is ITI?

The Institute of Translation & Interpreting was founded in 1986 as the only independent professional association of practising translators and interpreters in the United Kingdom. It is now one of the primary sources of information on these services to government, industry, the media and the general public. With its aim of promoting the highest standards in the profession, ITI serves as a meeting place for all those who understand the importance of translation and interpreting to the economy and society, particularly with the expansion of a single European market of over forty languages and the growth of worldwide communications. ITI offers guidance to those entering the profession and advice not only to those who offer language services but also to their customers. For further information, see

What are ITI Networks?

ITI Networks are groups of ITI members working in the same language or group of languages, or in the same subject areas. Within Networks, members obtain mutual support, pool information and arrange further training in their specialist fields.

What is the ITI French Network?

The French Network has over 200 members who translate from French into English or from English into French, always into their mother tongue. The range of subject matter covered by our members is extremely diverse, with some members also belonging to specialist translation groups, as well as to other language networks. Membership of the network brings many advantages, such as a sense of belonging, association with colleagues, and access to plenty of support and information through a range of sources.

All members of the ITI are encouraged to join at least one group relevant to their profession. Supporting and participating in the life of a network is extremely rewarding and useful, both personally and professionally.

How do I become a Member of the ITI French Network?

Please see our Membership page for details of our requirements and to download an application form.


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